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Experienced Marketing Pro and Bestselling Nonfiction Author

Todd Andrlik is a professional marketer and bestselling writer who has helped hundreds of businesses attract and retain customers with relevant, insightful and smart content.

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10 Steps To Effective Marketing:

  1. Align marketing plans with business goals
  2. Listen to customers and identify your target audiences—their unique segments and needs
  3. Build a magnetic sales funnel, attracting qualified prospects with high-value content
  4. Demonstrate expertise and problem solve
  5. Understand and leverage digital marketing data to optimize your effectiveness
  6. Produce a healthy menu of diverse content
  7. Make mistakes—just don’t make them twice
  8. Mix old tactics and strategies with new—balance will often optimize results
  9. Continuously learn—marketing is rapidly evolving so try to stay current
  10. Rinse and repeat

10 Steps to Exceptional Writing:

  1. Research meticulously—strive to be groundbreaking
  2. Be relevant, relatable and impartial
  3. Build a strong narrative with a beginning, middle and end
  4. Keep it simple and be economical with your word choice—value brevity
  5. Don’t bury the lead
  6. After you’ve learned the rules, be willing to break them—be creative
  7. Focus on reader experience—show don’t tell
  8. Step away from your draft and come back for a fresh edit
  9. Collaborate with others
  10. Rinse and repeat


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