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As an early adopter, I was fully immersed in the world of podcasts and blogs by 2004. In 2006, I began authoring my own blog at toddand.com and a year later I invented the Power 150, a global ranking of the top marketing and media blogs. The goal was to help the community sift through the blog clutter and surface quality content. Over night, the list went viral and became the industry benchmark, serving as the most comprehensive and definitive barometer of marketing and media blogs. To ensure its growth and resourcefulness, I partnered with Advertising Age, the world’s leading marketing and media magazine. AdAge now manages the Power 150 and I continue to consult and provide the only subjective metric in its scoring algorithm.

Since its launch, the Power 150 has been widely publicized in books, bios, blogs and mainstream media, including Fast Company and the Wall Street Journal. The books referencing the list include Social Media Marketing for Dummies (2009), Blogging to Drive Business (2010), Meatball Sundae (2008), Join the Conversation (2007), The Social Media MBA (2012), Public Relations and the Social Web (2009) and Mastering the World of Marketing (2011). Today, the list ranks nearly 1200 blogs and has inspired dozens of similar lists across other industries.

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