CNN Aces Horticulture Journalism 101

Posted by on Nov 29, 2007 in Media, Social Media, Video | No Comments

I’m fascinated by the social media uprising after last night’s YouTube/CNN Republican debate. Apparently, CNN is pulling weeds… they cut Keith Kerr from the debate rebroadcast because it was later discovered that he has ties to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Check out the report of the “disappearing Hillary plant” by Hot Air. And, according to Fox News Contributor Michelle Malkin‘s blog, there were several other “plants.”

Plants, pulling weeds… horticulture journalism.

By the way, I LOVE what YouTube is doing to compile the video questions and responses in one easy-to-navigate location. Brilliant. I bet social media will help boost young voter turnout for this election.

Disclosure: I consider myself an Independent, having voted both Democrat and Republican in past elections.

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